First on the list from child-hood is Beechies gum. This stuff has been around for a very long time (at least the 1940’s):

beechies gum

One of the most memorable gums from the past is candy cigarettes. You felt so cool pretending to smoke these (which we all know is horrible but your kids):

Old Time Gum and Candy

We can’t forget about bubble gum cigars! Bring these out for those special events. The 80’s were full of these and they can still be fun, especially if you are not a smoker:

Bubble Gum Cigars

Next up on the list, mainly from the 1950’s is Clove gum and Black Jack. This stuff was flavorful and is hard to come by anymore:

Black Jack Gum

There are a ton more, Wrigley has been around forever and they have been airing commercials for years. Take a look on and you can see them!