What is the worlds best bubble gum flavor?  Is there such a thing as the worlds best bubble gum flavor?  There are so many factors to weigh in on this decision.  Can a single human being even be conscious-ably tasked with such an endeavor.  Man has walked on the moon so man can discern which bubble gum flavor is the greatest of them all… or can he?  This blog has decided to undertake the great challenge of deciding for the rest of the world which bubble gum will be crowned king of them.

There are trillions of mathematical calculations that must be run through while making a decision of this magnitude.  While it would take far too long to simplify the words necessary to explain this process, it all boils down to a couple of factors.  Factor number one is of course mass flavor appeal of the bubble gum flavor in question.  The second is lasting flavor appeal of this bubble gum flavor.  In other words how long has this flavor been around for all to enjoy?  Has this flavor stood the test of time?  Factor numerous tries is how many people will insert multiple pieces of this flavor of bubble gum into their mouths to create one massive jaw busting wad of goodness?

Once everything was meticulously tabulated and all work was checked over and over until it couldn’t be checked again, the following results were reached.  Now, before those results are revealed, I would ask that you take a second and attempt to guess the answer.  Have you picked a flavor yet?  Good and now to the results… drum-roll please….  The best bubble gum flavor in the world is…..  ALL OF THEM!  Seriously, every single flavor of bubble gum is the best flavor of bubble gum in the moment that you are chewing it.

Chew safely!