The History of the Blowers of Mega Bubbles, the Bomb Squad

While at the time this was written The BOMB Squad is brand new, it’s spirit goes way back, past the invention of bubblegum. Even long before this country was created.

Gum goes back to when one of it’s ingredients, chicle, had been chewed long ago by Indians. Since then it developed into gum, then into bubblegum, which lead to bubble blowing, then bubble blowing contests, then finally into world records for largest bubbles. Which finally brought us to 1979, when Chewsy Suzy (a descendant of those long-ago chicle-chewing Indians) broke the Guinness World Record with her 19 ¼ inch bubble, and all the way up to the day this was written, at the creation of The BOMB Squad, to right now, whenever you are reading this.

We know the real fun began in 1928 when bubblegum was invented. Big bubbles and big gum. But it wasn’t until Guinness World Records came along that big bubbles really took off. All of the sudden the bubblegum blowing world had some credibility. It had a real honest to goodness record. It had an accomplishment that all big bubble blowers could take aim at. Finally, they had the opportunity to “swing for the fence.”

Amidst the chaos and confusion of millions the world over grabbing for the elusive brass ring, one finally stepped up and snagged it. Susan Montgomery Williams, later to become known as CHEWSY SUZY, the greatest bubble blower ever. But after so many years of holding the record came a realization. All the fame and glory of being the greatest was such a wonderful thing that there should be a way for other people to enjoy it too.

You see, when it came to bubblegum fame and glory, there were only one of two options. You could be like Suzy or and become the world record holder, or you could win a contest somewhere. Two options with two major problems. To claim the record you had to beat Suzy, which no one had been able to do. To win a contest you would have to be lucky enough to even be able to make it to the contest, and then once you did win the fame and glory were pretty much “here today and gone tomorrow.” It was not very lasting.

Well, when you make it to the top you become aware of the problems and challenges of what you are doing, and so it was with Suzy. Soon she linked with “The Gum Blowin’ Granny,” Joyce Samuels, (who had broken her own Guinness World Record with a 16 inch bubble blown from her nose) to try to take care of this problem once and for all.

When word seeped out about what the two legends were doing on behalf of the bubble blowing world, it hit like bomblasts on those who had experienced these problems firsthand, in the most painful of ways. While Suzy and Joyce had been basking in the glory of their accomplishments, there were untold millions who were wanting desperately to experience the same thing, but could never quite break through. Two of them found themselves mad as heck and couldn’t take it anymore, so they decided to stand up and do something about it.

There was always something about the bubblegum blowing world that just didn’t suit them quite right, something they thought wasn’t quite fair. It was a rule that Guinness had about these largest bubbles that they based their records on. It has become known as the “3 piece rule” where record breaking bubbles must be blown with a maximum of three pieces of bubblegum. Well, if you could blow a larger bubble with more than three pieces, then why can’t that be counted?

So these two fabulous bubble blowers, Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham and Earl “The GUM Bubble Coach” Hartwell, (who had such histories of blowing big bubbles that Wiseham had developed a bubble blowing group on Yahoo, Enaught’s Bubbles and Hartwell was known as “Canada’s Greatest Bubblegum Bubble Blower”) took matters into their own hands and formed BUBL, the Blowing Unbelievable Bubbles League. Their first action was to go on a press release attack against the big bubble powers that be, otherwise known as CHEWSY SUZY and her world record. Their premise was simple and credible. While Suzy was a bubble blowing legend, how could her record 23 inch bubble be the biggest when Suzy, Enaught and the Coach had all blown bigger bubbles?

The ultimate result of this battle was the forming of The BOMB Squad.

While excellent points are made both for and against the Guinness “3 piece rule,” and it remains to this day a rule loaded with controversy that could flair at any time, The BOMB Squad agrees that all bubble blowers should have as much opportunity as possible at the fame and glory that they have achieved, and that these opportunities should be grown in number and expanded in quality. That’s why, in honor of bubble gum’s 80th birthday, they began on 8-8-08 The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, where a bubble blower can win the world championship of bubble blowing by blowing the largest bubble.

If there is anything The BOMB Squad Heroes can all agree on is, they want to make sure more people are blowing more and bigger bubbles, and they want to reward them for doing it. They want to make bubblegum more fun. That’s how they plan to create the future of bubblegum.

Bobby “Boom Boom” Bickerson is the commissioner of The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP and spokesman of The Blowers Of Mega Bubbles, The BOMB Squad, and was instrumental in the development of both.
Both the BWC and The BOMB Squad were created with a single purpose, the creation of bubblegum’s future by returning it to it’s roots, through the glorification of what it was created for, it’s ability to blow mega bubbles.