In mankind’s ongoing love/hate affair with bubble gum the issue of cleaning up unwonted expectorated pieces rages on.  One of the previous blog posts dealt with the issue of removing bubble gum up from your carpet.  This particular post will examine some tips and tricks gathered from around the web on how to clean bubble gum off of your clothes.  As a bonus and almost certainly related issue the technique of how to clean up bubble gum from inside of your dryer will be examined as well.

It is important to remember not to hate the bubble gum for becoming intermingled with an article of your clothing or anywhere that is not your mouth.  Find the person who spit the gum out and give them a good old-fashioned lecturing about common courtesy.  Caring is sharing and sharing about caring is most certainly a good thing for all of us to do.

  1. Yeah, my pants have been washed yet the gum stain still remains. I was considering throwing them, yet they were too comfortable to give up.
  2. Take a bottle of vinegar. Take a glass and fill a small part of it
  3. Heat the glass of vinegar using microwaves or what you wish Careful, use a cloth if the glass is to warm.
  4. Now use a an old toothbrush you don’t need any more, dip it in the warm vinegar start to scrub the gum stain area.
  5. Put them in the washing machine and wash them normally. After the pants dried up, you will notice that the chewing gum stain is gone.


How do you remove bubble gum from the inside of your dryer?

IMPROVED ANSWER: Actually the BEST thing to use is a little dry laundry detergent powder. Turn your dryer own and get the gum a little “loose”. While that is going, make a paste with the laundry powder. Turn your dryer off and use damp, clean cloths (dip them in very warm water) to rub the gum away. Use a few more clean damp cloths to remove any residue

If you don’t have laundry powder to make a paste with, then I find the great smelling Orange hand cleaner (that auto mechanics use) make a great substitute. Just be sure to wi0e well with damp clean cloths after using it.

You dryer will be melted gum free and smell great afterward