One of the most frustrating moments in the day of someone who likes to walk places instead of using modern transportation is noticing their steps are being hindered…. by bubble gum.  It goes without saying that having bubble gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe is really annoying.  Have you ever seen anyone jump for joy after realizing there is honking piece of chewed gum clinging to the sole of their show?  The answer is more than likely no and if you said yes then you are lying.

Now that all of the liars have been pointed out and it has been established shoe gum is unwanted let us discuss how to solve the problem.  There are a variety of techniques which people employ after this “problem” has been assessed.  The use of ones fingers is a common reaction.  Do not do this, as it is disgusting and entirely unsanitary.  That bubble gum was in someone else’s mouth and then on the ground, you heathen!  Another technique is trying to use a nearby curb or stick to scrape the gum away.  While somewhat effective at removing the bulk of your chewy little problem there will still be residue left on your walking assistance devices.

There are two other options to relieve your little issue.  The first is the freezer option.  Place your shoe in a plastic bag and press the gum into the plastic.  Let the shoe gum bag concoction sit in the freezer for 1-2 hours and then remove.  The bubble gum should be attached to the plastic bag and not your shoe at this point, so just pull your show out of the bag.

The second option involves the use of WD-40.  Spray the afflicted portion of shoe and wait for a minute or two.  Then take a rag or paper towel and wipe the area down until all traces of your waking nightmare have been wiped away.

Watch where you step and happy chewing!