If you grew up in the past century (1900 – 1999), you probably encountered gum balls at a store or friend who had a gumball machine. Do they still exist? I can’t say I’ve seen one in a store for quite awhile, but you can still buy them. The vending machine businesses have gone to mostly electronic machines, which means they can take credit cards and serve more items. Sadly this doesn’t leave much room for the old standard gum ball machines.

You can still purchase your own if you want to feel nostalgic, so here are some gumballs and machines that are worth owning.

Classic Gumball Machine

This is the one you remember, a carousel door. It accepts pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters or, freebies!

Gum Ball Machine

Multi Machine Dispenser


And of course you need some gumballs to put in this bad boy:

Gum Balls

You can’t go wrong with the original Dubble Bubble gum balls! These are the best tasting of the lot:

Bubble Yum Gum

So they are still a thing, quite popular in fact. You are not going to see them sticking around in a commercial setting, but having one at home can still be a fun thing to do. Switch up the types of candy you put in it, doesn’t have to be gumballs! M&M’s work wonders too. Or Skittles. Or just about any small candy, let’s go eat something!